European standard EN 1307 specifies the requirements for classification, domestic or commercial, of all carpets and carpet tiles, excluding rugs and runners into use classes.  The classification is based on practical requirements for areas (domestic/commercial) of use and intensity of use (moderate, general, heavy).  

EN 1307 is linked to EN ISO 10874:2012, which is a classification system for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings.


The number of tests that is required to determine the end use classification depends on the construction (or style) of carpet.  

  • Pile carpets classification is based primarily on the appearance retention properties (change of appearance) with an additional surface pile density requirement for carpets with a pile content of ≥80% wool
  • Needled carpets, flat and pile needled floor coverings, are classified using a combination of abrasion resistance, hairiness (pilling), general structural integrity, change in colour and change of appearance
  • Carpets without pile (flat woven carpets) are classified based on abrasion resistance, general structural integrity and change of appearance properties
  • Flocked carpets are classified using the abrasion resistance and change of appearance properties with an additional mandatory dimensional stability requirement. 

For each style of carpet there is an additional Luxury Use Class.

There are basic performance requirements such as the carpets also have to meet such as colour fastness, fibre bind, dimensional stability, assessment of impregnation (flat needled carpets) properties together with requirements specifically for flocked carpets such as peel resistance and water impermeability. 

There are requirements for additional performance properties covering castor chair suitability, antistatic behaviour, acoustic properties, thermal resistance, suitability for humid conditions, suitability for use on stairs and fraying behaviour.

Carpet tiles have to comply with their own additional requirements listed in an Annex A of EN 1307 for total mass, dimensions, squareness and straightness of edges, dimensional stability, distortion out of plane and damage at a cut edge.

Carpet classification

EN 1307 defines the end use classification as follows:

Domestic use

  • Class 21 - Moderate Domestic Use
  • Class 22 - General Domestic Use
  • Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Use 

Commercial Use

  • Class 31 – Moderate Commercial Use
  • Class 32 – General Commercial Use
  • Class 33 – Heavy Commercial Use

In addition to the end use classification the carpets are also given a Luxury Use Class from a LC1 – LC5, with LC1 being the lowest class and LC5 the highest. 


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