Toys: Expanding materials

This test is designed to address the dangers associated with toys that can expand substantially if swallowed.

Toys: Leakage of liquid-filled toys

This test is designed to address the hazards associated with pierced teething rings and similar products where the child may come in contact with liquids that are contaminated or become contaminated by perforation.

Toys: Drop test

This test assesses the appearance of cracks or tears or whether any parts come loose after a cycle of 5 drops from a height of 85 cm.

Toys: Material cleanliness

Toys and material used in toys shall be visually clean and free from infestation. The material shall be assessed visually by the unaided eye rather than under magnification.

Toys: Compression test

Any accessible area on the surface of a toy (for example a toy driver inside a toy truck) that is inaccessible to flat surface contact during the drop test shall be subjected to a compression test.

Toys: soaking test

The EN 71-1 soaking test is intended to assess the effect of saliva.

Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometry

ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectroscopy is an analytical method used to detect and measure elements to analyze chemical samples.