Brecht Demedts

Researcher "Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification"

I'm passionate about dyeing textiles with colorants from unexpected natural sources or about printing electronics on textiles, about finding ways to create smart textiles that can be worn, washed and used as any normal piece of clothing.

As a biochemist, Brecht specializes in bio-based treatments of textiles, with a specific focus on bio-based pigments and dyes, PLA, PHA, and bio-based polyurethanes. With contributions to peer-reviewed books and as lecturer of the industry-oriented course “introduction in Biopolymers”, he shares his experience on biopolymers with the industry. Brecht also developed novel methods to integrate printed electronics into textiles, and was actively involved in the development of light emitting textiles, heating textiles and capacitive sensors, through combining printed electronics with textiles.