Applicant: BeMicron
Inventor: VANNESTE, Vincent
Patent number: WO2021/099631

Protective equipment is used in clean room environments or laboratories to manufacture/manipulate medicinal products and biological materials, electronic or food in a sterile aseptic environment. 

In order to ensure a sterile aseptic environment, the cleanroom must be constructed according to EN ISO 14644 - Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. 

Persons working inside a clean room must wear special garments and accessories to minimize the release of particles (hair, skin particles, fibres, etc.). It is therefore necessary to isolate the body of the user so that he/she does not contaminate the working environment or the product which he/she is manipulating. 
Prior to entering the clean room, various items of protective equipment must be donned, according to a strict protocol as to prevent contamination (e.g. by touching the surface of the equipment). These procedures are difficult to execute and generally require unconventional movements.


BeMicron solution

BeMicron’s invention provides an equipment for cleanrooms or aseptic environments, which sterility is maintained during all logistic steps, thus limiting the environmental impact and costs associated with the logistics of protective equipment: decontamination, reconditioning, storage. 

The invention provides a protective equipment that is packaged in a sterilizable, reusable pouch, with an opening provided with closure means.

The protective equipment includes an outer face intended to be in contact with the surrounding environment, and an inner face to be in contact with or oriented towards an operator. The patent also discloses a packaging method for the protective equipment and a dressing method to put on the protective equipment.

The sterilizable and reusable pouch has an opening provided with closure means which makes it possible to dispense with single use packages. The pouch forms a cavity with an opening and comprises at least two walls joined together over the larger part of their ends.