Applicant: ONTEX
Inventors: Dries Cobbaert, Nathalie Van Sande 
Patent Application number: EP4183382 A1, US20230157898 A1

The problem

The general purpose of absorbent articles is to absorb, distribute and store various types of bodily fluids while providing the wearer with a high level of comfort and a sense of dryness. An absorbent article is also designed to prevent the wearer's clothing from becoming soiled by body exudates.

An incontinence article may, for example, be configured as an incontinence pad, a pant diaper, a sanitary pant, or an incontinence pant adapted for use by babies, children, and adult, male or female, users. 

An incontinence article is designed with an absorbency that is appropriate for the expected leakage. Incontinence articles are used to help people to maintain a normal lifestyle without any inconvenience.

People can use both pads, also known as light incontinence products, and pants. 

Customers, however, don’t want to use only pant-type products because pad-type products are more discreet and suitable for daily activities. That's why it's better to have pads with channels in the same line as pants with channels.

The solution


Sets of disposable channelled absorbent articles of a different type provide the user with different types of products adapted to e.g. sporting activities (pant-like articles) or to more discrete, daily activities (pad-like articles). The absorbent articles make use of a channelled core specifically designed to provide exceptionally fast absorption and good fluid distribution throughout the core, resulting in improved absorbency and low rewetting, giving the consumer a better sensation of dryness. It also offers an improved fit for the wearer, providing comfort and minimising the risk of leakage.

ontex pads

The range of absorbent articles offers the user the possibility to purchase absorbent articles adapted to each type of activity. Common features, in particular the channel(s), allow other features to be modified without affecting absorbency.