Study on the Technical, Regulatory and Environmental Effectiveness of Textile Fibres Recycling (GROW/2020/OP/005)

In the light of the European Green Deal, the European Commission has identified textiles, including clothing, as a ‘priority product category for the circular economy’. And the recycling of textile products is obviously one key element to consider.
The European Commission has therefore tasked VITO, Ecologic Institute, and Centexbel to organize a study on the Technical, Regulatory, Economic and Environmental Effectiveness of Textile Fibres Recycling. The aims and objectives of this study are to provide substantial knowledge about the state of play and state of art of textile waste recycling on global level, and a clear and well-defined analysis of opportunities and challenges for the European textile and clothing industry.
In the first phase, Centexbel will map all existing relevant recycling technologies and technology owners, whether industrially applied, or at R&D or scale-up phase. As an active player in the recycling of textile products, we believe your company should be part of the picture!

Participating in the proposed survey is your chance to influence the EU policy and legislation. Your input is needed to deliver a strong and robust report to the EU Commission DG GROW Circular Economy. 

The researchers will consider many aspects: the level of readiness, fields of application, the possible outputs, the barriers you might encounter, possible solutions, the viability of the business model, etc. 

The data collection will be organized through a 2-step survey:

  1. online standard questionnaire (20-30 min) - see below
  2. online meeting/interview to finetune the data (1-2 hours) 


Contracting authority:

European Commission, the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW)

Contacted consortium:

  • Centexbel (Belgium)
  • Ecologic Institute (Germany)
  • VITO (Belgium)