A Walloon Innovation Cluster

Ideally located close to Brussels and the main cities of Western Europe, such as London, Paris, Berlin and Rotterdam, Wallonia (a French-speaking region in the south of Belgium) lies at the heart of Europe. With sophisticated air, rail and waterway transport facilities, Wallonia is directly linked with all the European decision makers and power centres.

A catalyst of innovation in environmental technologies

GreenWin is one of the six triple helix innovation clusters set forth by the Walloon Government in Belgium. Its mission is to promote innovation in environmental technologies and to foster the development of ambitious collaborative projects in R&D, industrial investment or skills development, with an objective of economic growth for industrial members and of job creation in Wallonia.

Greenwin’ activities focus on three leading markets :

  • Sustainable chemistry, including CO2 transformation into a variety of value-added products, process intensification and white biotechnologies
  • Sustainable materials for the construction sector: production of building materials or building systems with reduced environmental impact, energy efficiency and energy storage solutions, etc
  • Environmental technologies: waste treatment and recycling, water and air treatment, soil remediation, sludge recovery.

A dynamic network of more than 200 partners

It brings together in a single network more than 200 partners, with over 155 companies, including several world leaders, universities, research centre, training operators and communities, all of which are involved in developing the green economy and motivated by the opportunities resulting from pooling skills and sharing resources.

GreenWin has a robust operations unit based on a network of experts in direct contact with all the parties involved in sustainable development. Its permanent structures allows for effective control. GreenWin offers a made-to-measure confidential service.

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