In this ambitious industrial innovation programme, Flemish universities, research institutes and industries develop breakthrough technologies by 2040 to create new climate-friendly processes and products. Innovation will help Flemish industries make the big leap: carbon circular and low in CO2 by 2050.

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) is one of the five European Structural and Investment Funds which complement each other to deliver more jobs and growth in the EU. It has an overall budget of €6.4 billion for the period 2014-2020.

The Interreg North-West Europe Programme fosters transnational cooperation to make Northwestern Europe a key economic player and an attractive place to work and live, with high levels of innovation, sustainability and cohesion.

The KMO-portefeuille (SME Portfolio) is a measure of the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that provides you - as an entrepreneur - with financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business. In concrete terms, these include training and advisory services such as drawing up a communication plan for your company.

Pour construire l’avenir en mieux, l’Europe et la Wallonie investissent dans de nombreux projets !
Projets cofinancés par le FEDER et la Wallonie à Verviers, Charleroi, Liège, La Louvière, Tournai et Mons

The Province of East-Flanders cofinances several Interreg projects

Le Plan Marshall 4.0 mobilise un budget de 2,9 milliards d'euros sur la période 2015-2019.
Il se concentre sur 5 axes prioritaires pour le redéploiement économique wallon et la structuration d’une véritable politique industrielle.

Avec près de 250 acteurs industriels et académiques impliqués dans des projets communs de génie mécanique, le Pôle MecaTech soulève un dynamisme sans précédent.

In een sterk veranderende Belgische en internationale economische context bestaat de missie van de FOD Economie erin de voorwaarden te scheppen voor een competitieve, duurzame en evenwichtige werking van de goederen- en dienstenmarkt in België. In dat opzicht wil de FOD Economie de goederen- en dienstenmarkt grondig kennen en goed ondersteunen om ze beter te stimuleren.

Ideally located close to Brussels and the main cities of Western Europe, such as London, Paris, Berlin and Rotterdam, Wallonia (a French-speaking region in the south of Belgium) lies at the heart of Europe. With sophisticated air, rail and waterway transport facilities, Wallonia is directly linked with all the European decision makers and power centres.