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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), including shape memory polymers, belong to a polymer family offering many possibilities but demanding a high degree of competence to be converted in a good and rational way into an additive or as such.

The development of new thermoplastic elastomer types with novel and special characteristics is booming. The universities in the INTERREG FWVL region are playing a crucial role in this process.


  1. to introduce companies in the rich possibilities of thermoplastic elastomers to increase the properties of products or to improve the processing of conventional polymers by acquiring knowledge in the relationship between morphology, process conditions ans product properties of thermoplastic polymers.
  2. to transfer the unique technology (functionalised elastomers, shape memory materials, 3D printed elastomers) that will be developed in the INTERREG FWVL region to the companies to enable them to fully valorise the opportunities.

The integrated, innovative cross-border approach is facilitated by the complementary competences of the different partners encompassing the full value chain from the development till the effective implementation of TPE's. The cross-border sensibilisation activities, dissemination of information, accompaniment and company support by the Elasto-Plast team will contribute to the transfer of the technology across the national borders.

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