CircTex provided a proof-of-concept for fully recyclable workwear within the NWE region by developing technologies for large-scale processing of PET workwear, which was validated and demonstrated in a closed chain pilot.
2 different fabrics were used to produce PET workwear: 

  • A fabric of 100 % polyester form PET bottles dyed in high-vis orange. 
  • A fabric from 20% production waste and 80% PET bottles

The material and yarns were produced by means of a thermomechanical recycling process. 
After use the garments were disassembled, the polyester material, that should be as pure as possible were chemically recycled via a depolymerization process. 
Research was done on how to improve the thermomechanical process and on the feasibility of a chemical process to create the same garment in a High-visibility version with the ability to protect against rain. 

This report resumes the lessons learned on the recycling process of polyester and on closing the loop.