R&D manager Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification

Het DisT2Tex-project wil via slim ontmantelen, gecombineerd met diverse recyclageroutes, het percentage hoogwaardig gerecycleerd textielafval verhogen voor complexe textielstromen.

Het R3PACK-project zal oplossingen demonstreren op het vlak van design, materiaalkeuze, hergebruik en recyclagetechnieken van niet-huishoudelijke verpakkingen.

Development of environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycling methods for post-production scraps that are based on carbon reinforcement.

PESCO-UP aims to enhance the textile recycling value chain and reduce reliance on virgin materials.

The ReCoTex project aims to boost the recycling rate of coloured synthetic textile waste, particularly waste that is currently not recycled into high-value fiber materials due to their colour and instead used as fuel.

Development of an innovative process to detect and separate trim from post-consumer textiles

This white paper will not only provide textile companies with information on textile recycling processes, but also on facilitating technologies for sorting and disintegration of textile products as well as virtual platforms that connect stakeholders and inform consumers.

Recycling solutions for textiles made up of a mixture of fibres, without causing excessive damage to the fibres in the mixture, so that they can be reused in a new textile article.