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QUV tester (open)

Ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and moisture are the factors that contribute to material degradation of products exposed to the elements. Accelerated weathering is the simulation of these conditions using special environmental chambers and instruments in order to speed up the weathering process and measure its effects on parts, components, products, and materials.

The simulation is determined in a number of hours sunlight kilolangley.

The weathering tests are performed in different appliances (lamps and conditions) according to ASTM, ISO and DIN standards.

Testing procedure

QUV tester

In the QUV tester, accelerated weathering is conducted under UVA-light, reproducing the critical short wavelength of UV radiation in an accelerated manner. The test simulates the degradation caused by the exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.

The sample is exposed to UVA-light during several hours, in dry and humid conditions. The test chamber is equipped with a condensation system to moisten the samples (simulation of dew).

The relevant properties of the samples are determined afterwards.

XENON sun tester

The samples are exposed to XENON light, in dry or humid conditions. XENON light reproduces the complete sun spectrum and simulates the accelerated degradation by sun and weathering.

The test chamber is equipped with spray systems (rain simulation). The relative humidity of the test chamber can be modified.

After the exposure of the samples during a predefined period, the most relevant properties of the samples are evaluated (e.g. colour or mechanical properties).

Testing applications

QUV tester

  • Determination of the impact on physical properties: colour, gloss, chalking, burst and crack formation, mechanical properties for outdoor applications.

XENON sun tester

  • Exposure of plastics to indoor & outdoor weathering
  • Evaluation of the impact of accelerated weathering on different material properties

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