Cross cutter

Test method to determine the adhesion of coatings. In the paint and coating industries, this test method is often used to determine if the paint or coating will adhere properly to the substrates to which they are applied. The cross-cut test determines the resistance of paints and coatings to separation from substrates by utilizing a tool to cut a right angle lattice pattern into the coating, penetrating all the way to the substrate.

Testing procedure

Cross cut test result

Test result of cross-cut tester: partial removal of top layer

  • A grid of parallel and perpendicular lines is cut through the coating onto the substrate.
  • A tape is placed firmly onto the grid and torn off.
  • The grid surface is evaluated to determine the amount of material that has been removed.

The test is performed according to ISO 2409 and ASTM D3359.

Testing applications

Determination of the adhesion of coatings

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