Clean Sky is the most significant, ambitious and integrated engagement that has ever existed between the European Commission and Europe's aeronautics industry, and this relationship, formalised under the structure of a Public Private Partnership (PPP), comprises entities with clearly defined roles:

  1. The European Commission is represented on the Clean Sky Governing Board, and has specific rights in the decision-making process of the JU. The Commission contributes financially to Clean Sky’s programmes - €0.8 billion to Clean Sky 1, and €1.8 billion to Clean Sky 2.
  2. Leaders jointly commit to researching and completing projects within the Clean Sky programme, and thereafter are able to further advance the technologies developed. They support the programme financially, contributing a total of €0.4 billion to Clean Sky 1 and €2.2 billion to Clean Sky 2.
  3. Associates (Clean Sky 1) and Core Partners (Clean Sky 2) are private or public organisations that have applied and have been selected through an open and transparent competition to become permanent members of the Clean Sky JU. They commit to performing and completing certain work packages in one or more ITDs, usually for the full duration of Clean Sky 1 or 2 (whichever they are a part of). They support the programme financially with in-kind contributions, and can receive up to 30% of the programme funding for their projects. Leaders and Associates/Core Partners are commonly referred to as our Members.
  4. Partners are private or public organisations that take part in certain specific tasks for a limited period of time, and can include SMEs, companies, research centres and universities. They are selected following open Calls for Proposals issued by the Clean Sky JU Clean Sky 1 had 527 partners and Clean Sky 2, although it has only been running since 2014, already has over 200.