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Centexbel-VKC provides services in material characterisation, failure analysis, product development, process and energy optimisation and new applications of plastics, virgin and recycled polymers, fibre reinforced composites, rubber, coatings, smart materials and bio-based polymers.

Via tien concrete deelexperimenten gaat dit living lab op zoek naar de randvoorwaarden om beter om te gaan met plastics. De partners stellen zich de vragen hoe circulair te ontwerpen met plastics en hoe nieuwe waardeketens op te zetten.

The invention solves the problems caused by the multitude of movable rods inside mould cavities.

Brussels, January 26, 2022 - PolyCert Europe, a platform bringing together existing national certification schemes in a comprehensive system for polymer converters, announced the launch of its new website.

How do the chemical and plastics sectors view circularity and what concrete steps are they taking to make the world of chemistry and plastics more sustainable? VLAIO business advisor Rik Candries had an instructive chat with Ann Verlinden, Karen Van Wesenbeeck and Wannes Libbrecht of Catalisti and Isabel De Schrijver of Centexbel. Two organisations that have a broad view on the sector, based on their connecting role between the business and knowledge worlds.

Centexbel-VKC, the Belgian competence centre of textiles and plastics, and the Belgian Quality Association (BQA) established a consortium PolyCert Europe in partnership with the industry associations ECRA, EuPC and ESWA.