22 March 2023, the European Commission proposed common criteria against greenwashing and misleading environmental claims. The proposal will give consumers more clarity and certainty that when something is sold as "green", it indeed is, and better information to help them choose environmentally friendly products and services.

The ALIGNED project will deliver a modelling framework to assess and optimise the environmental and socio-economic performance of bio-based industries.

Aqueous fire-retardant composition and improved method to impart fire-retardancy to wood- and cellulose-based materials used in furniture and interior building construction.

As part of its Roadmap to Excellence, the STeP by OEKO-TEX® programme has developed a simple, user-friendly digital Carbon and Water Footprint Tool

The analysis of complex samples (food samples of samples from nature) reveal that microplastics tend to be embedded in other materials, requiring time-consuming (bio) chemical purification and separation procedures.

"Do eat" developed home compostable & edible food recipients to decrease plastic wastes

MarinaTex is a home compostable material designed as an alternative to single-use plastic films. The material is comprised of waste material from the fishing industry and sustainable algae.

International Standards and Patents in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) offers information to users on the characteristics and use of patents and standards for the deployment of renewable energy technologies, facilitating dialogue between different stakeholders on these topics.

Because PFASs are often used in textile finishing, the European Commission launches a comprehensive study on the use of all types of PFAS in the textile sector.