The European textile industry discusses the EU textile strategy to create a greener and more competitive sector within Europe

With the Circular Business Awards, the FEB aims to reward companies that have successfully embraced a circular business model.

Has your company made exceptional progress in recent years in technology, speed, automation, quality, work organisation, sustainability or staff growth? Then you have a chance to win a Factory of the Future award.

Factories of the Future are companies that are fully committed to digitalisation, talent development, smart processes, sustainable products and world-class production. They handle energy and materials thoughtfully and encourage employee engagement, creativity and autonomy.

The scope of 056-TEST is expanded to include testing in the context of "vehicle homologation" and "measurement technology linting."

The FAMHP inspection services establish that surgical masks on offer do not include the necessary declarations, certificates and test reports in accordance with European or international standards. For this reason, an Alternative Test Protocol (ATP) has been developed that still allows use as surgical masks or comfort masks.

Faced with the shortage of masks that our country is experiencing and in order to relieve the front-line healthcare staff from the coronavirus in the long term, the Government of Wallonia has set up a taskforce to find a rapid and local solution with a view to supplying masks to as many people as possible.

In the framework of the chèques-entreprises, the financial support of the Région Wallone to Walloon based companies, the Direction générale Opérationnelle Economie, Emploi et Recherche (DGO6) - Direction des projets thématiques - has issued the Labelling Certificate - Service provider of the « chèques-entreprises » to Marc Gochel of Centexbel, who is a recognized expert by the SPW.