The European Technology Platform "Fibres, Textiles, and Clothing" launches an initiative in which companies and knowledge centres collaborate in a number of specific domains or Strategic Programmes.

The prestigious Global Bioplastics Award, presented annually at the end of the first day of the European Bioplastics conference, was won this year by Bio4Self, a consortium - co-ordinated by Centexbel - of research institutes and companies collaborating on a project to develop self-reinforced composites based on PLA fibres.

The international trade publication bioplastics MAGAZINE is proud to announce the finalists for the 2019 Global Bioplastics Award. Known as the "Bioplastics Oskar", the award will be presented this year for the 14th time in succession.

The LIFE Recysite project consortium published a report on the project's objectives and results

Centexbel's concept for a biobased self-reinforced composite material receives the prestigious JEC World Innovation Award in the category “Sustainability”

Myriam Vanneste demonstrates several Centexbel developments and advocates the importance of international collaboration in R&D research projects. The three minute interview with Myriam starts at 05:37.

smart PPE

Development of an integrated, reusable and ventilated protective suit for healtchare workers during lethal epidemic outbreaks.