ECO-DWOR will examine the use of various technologies for textile and leather finishing to replace C8 and other fluorocarbons.

The project, carried out by a consortium of seven members, has the objective to reduce the impact of flame retardants used in the textile industry and their future alternatives, on the environment, human health and on the safety of industry workers by analysing their environmental impact and functionalities.

Study commissioned by the Belgian Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Security Environment and DG Environment - no. 150007

Product verifications and analyses are not only important for local production sites but also necessary for importers of recycled products produced outside Europe

Een Europees onderzoek in 27 landen detecteerde honderden producten met verboden hoeveelheden chemische stoffen. Van de ruim 5.600 onderzochte artikelen overschreed een vijfde de toegelaten dosis [...]

[...] Onderzoekers screenden onder meer textiel, speelgoed en accessoires uit 27 landen op

The cluster ‘Innovatieve coatings’ aims to increase competitiveness and to create economic added value by promoting creativity and innovation in terms of products, processes and applications.

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