We  kindly invite you to our next event, the workshop ‘Coating solutions for corrosion protection’; organised by the IBN Cluster ‘Innovatieve coatings’ in collaboration with IBN Cluster ‘Offshore Energy'.

Vlaanderen cluster Innovatieve coatings

The IBN cluster ‘Innovatieve coatings’  addresses companies from different coating sectors (textiles, paints, coatings applied on metal, wood, plastics) and unites them to exchange their knowledge on products and technologies. Read more 

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The IBN Cluster 'Offshore Energy' addresses companies that are marketing (or desire to market) products and/or services to the offshore energy sector. Read more


During the workshop, a presentation on the IBN Cluster ‘Offshore Energy’ will be followed by a lecture by Sirris on  the ‘Opportunities for anti-corrosion solutions in the Offshore Renewable Energy sector, and an explanation by the VUB  on ‘self healing coatings ‘.

The participants will have the opportunity to present their offers and/or demands in the field of corrosion during a ‘2 minutes pitch’.

Launch of the  ‘Technical Workgroup Corrosion’

In the afternoon, Sirris will moderate the 'Technical Workgroup Corrosion'. The aim is to draft a roadmap for 2019 and to define future projects. The collaboration with other companies in the frame of these projects will lead to results that will directly benefit your company.

And finally, you will have the possibility to talk with the speakers and the other participants during the B2B meetings.


10.00 - Registration

10.30 - Workshop

Welcome, introduction to the Cluster 'Innovatieve Coatings’ and startup ‘corrosion’ workgroup

Coating challenges in Offshore energy systems - IBN Offshore Energy – (Sirris/OWI-Lab/IBN Offshore Energy)
Ozlem Ceyhan Yilmaz (Sirris)

Intro IBN Offshore Energy and its scope - Coatings in offshore energy convertors (offshore wind, wave-tidal generator) - Challenges with coating – issue that can be resolved with coatings - Ongoing developments & solutions.

Project NeSSIE: Innovative corrosion solutions and new materials in wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors
Jeroen Tacq (Sirris)

Virtually all metallic components or structures are exposed to corrosion during their lifetime. Especially in harsh environments corrosion requires that protective measures need to be taken. There is a wide range of harsh environments out there: offshore, maritime, process industry, but also swimming pools. The European NeSSIE project will set-up three demonstration projects where innovative anti-corrosion solutions for the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector will be evaluated. This provides an opportunity for cross-sector knowledge transfer and to apply anti-corrosion solutions known in well-developed sectors to the growing ORE sector.

Self-healing coatings for multiple action corrosion protection: various approaches and analyses
Prof. Iris De Graeve (VUB)

For corrosion protection metals are often covered by coating systems including a conversion pretreatment, primer and top coat. These coating are generally protecting the metal against corrosive species because of their strong barrier function. However when coatings are damaged during use, often this barrier functionality is compromised and cannot be easily repaired. To tackle this problem, there are various Self-Healing approaches of coatings for metal corrosion protection developed: Intrinsic polymer systems that can heal when damaged by a thermal intervention, for example, or extrinsic healing by encapsulated healing agents which can be corrosion inhibitors and/or polymer healing agents, which are released autonomously when the coating becomes damaged. To proof that the healing mechanisms really work, complementary macroscopic and local analyses methods are used and will also be presented in the lecture.

11.30 - 2 minutes pitching

All participants have the opportunity to present their company in function of the workshop

12.30 - Sandwich lunch


13.30 - Launch of the technical workgroup Corrosion Moderated by Sirris

The goal of this technical workgroup  is to define a roadmap for 2019 and to define future projects. 

14.00 - B2B meetings

A week before the workshop, all participants will be able to invite other participants and speakers to a B2B meeting. It will also be possible to organise addtional meetings on the day of the workshop.

17.00 - End


Members of the IBN Cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’  and the IBN Cluster ‘Offshore Energy’ can register free of charge.

The event is also accessible to non-members against a participation fee of 300 euro.

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