The evolution in product requirements resulted in the development of complex products made from different materials, which makes a homogenous separation difficult and expensive.

Many projects are focussing on EcoDesign or disassembly strategies for single products. However, this is only useful if the information about the specific recycling process is available at the product’s end-of-life.

The technical aim of this Cornet project is to encode textiles structures and store data about e.g. recycling processes inside the product. The technology will be demonstrated in carpets and mattresses.

During the project, two different strategies will be tested:

  1. direct embedding of the marker additives into the filaments
  2. application of the markers on the surface of textiles by coating

Markers will greatly simplify the sorting and separation of recycable and non-recycable materials and lead to purer recycled materials. This will increase the value of sorted materials and result in closed polymer loops.

The following project goals will be pursued:

  • search of appropriate markers fot textile coating and extrusion applications
  • preservation of properties after marking
  • small price increase (<10%)
  • development of novel sorting technology
  • evaluation of the recycling of marked materials through injection moulding or compression moulding
  • 100% recycled demonstrators
  • development of company specific marker codes