The Belgian IVC Group recently filed a patent application (WO2020/070646) for a layered floor covering with a high sound damping capacity that also resists the formation of lasting imprints by heavy objects as well as wrinkling.

The invention relates to a PVC-based, multi-layered floor covering and its production method.

patent-ivc 05052020

The PVC-based layered floor covering is made of seven layers:

  1. a first PVC layer (1240)
  2. a first PVC-permeated textile layer (1220) 
  3. a second PVC layer (1210)
  4. a second PVC-permeated textile layer (1130)
  5. a decorative layer (1150)
  6. a wear layer (1180) comprising a transparent polymer layer
  7. a PU lacquer layer (1270)